Fir Essential Oil is a fragrant oil extracted from various species of fir trees, such as the Abies alba or Abies balsamea. It is characterized by its fresh and forest-like scent with hints of resin and citrus. Fir oil is commonly used in aromatherapy for its grounding and uplifting properties, and it is also employed in natural fragrances and household products for its pleasant, outdoorsy aroma.


Abies spp. (Fir) Oil


Fir Essential Oil is obtained from various species of fir trees, including Abies alba (silver fir) and Abies balsamea (balsam fir). These evergreen trees are primarily found in North America and Europe, and the oil is extracted through steam distillation of the needles and twigs.


Antiseptic and Astringent

Fir oil contains natural antiseptic and astringent properties that can be beneficial for maintaining clear and healthy skin by preventing or treating minor skin irritations and acne.

Soothing and Calming

Its forest-like aroma can have a calming and soothing effect on the skin, potentially reducing redness and irritation.

Invigorating Fragrance

The fresh and invigorating scent can provide a sensory uplift, promoting a sense of well-being and energy.


Grounding and Uplifting Aroma

Fir Essential Oil offers a fresh and forest-like fragrance that is grounding and uplifting, making it suitable for aromatherapy to reduce stress and enhance mood.

Respiratory Support

It is used to support respiratory health by helping alleviate congestion, promote easier breathing, and soothe coughs.

Mental Clarity

Fir oil's invigorating scent may enhance mental clarity, focus, and alertness, making it useful for work or study environments.

Scent of the Outdoors

It brings the invigorating scent of the forest indoors, creating a calming and nature-inspired atmosphere.


Essential oils, when used in skincare, must be diluted to avoid skin irritation or adverse reactions. Use discretion and follow instructions on product labels.