Hemp seed oil, often referred to as simply "hemp oil," is an oil extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). Unlike CBD oil, which is extracted from other parts of the hemp plant, hemp seed oil does not contain significant amounts of cannabinoids like THC or CBD. Instead, it's valued for its rich nutritional profile that contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Hemp seed oil is used in various skincare products like creams, lotions and serums, as well as in natural and organic skincare formulas created to hydrate, soothe and nourish skin. When using hemp seed oil for skincare, it's important to choose a high-quality, cold-pressed, unrefined hemp seed oil, so it retains more of its beneficial compounds.


Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil


Hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. It's cultivated in various regions worldwide, primarily for its oil-rich seeds and its nutritional and skincare properties.


Hemp seed oil is generally well-tolerated on skin and considered safe for most, but a patch test is recommended before widespread use, especially if you have concerns about potential allergies or sensitivities.


Creates Moisture-Rich Skin

Hemp seed oil is rich in fatty acids, particularly omega-3 and omega-6 that help hydrate skin.

Balances Oily Skin

Hemp seed oil has a unique ability to regulate oil production in skin. It can hydrate dry areas and control excess oil in areas prone to overproduction, which makes it beneficial for individuals with combination or oily skin.

Soothes and Calms Skin

The omega-3 fatty acids in hemp seed oil have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce skin redness, irritation and inflammation seen in conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Protects against Environmental Damage

Hemp seed oil contains antioxidants like vitamin E and phytosterols that help protect skin from free radical damage that cause premature aging.

Controls Acne

Hemp seed oil's anti-inflammatory and balancing properties can help manage acne-prone skin.

Supports Skin Barrier

The fatty acids in hemp seed oil can help strengthen skin's natural barrier to prevent moisture loss.

Improves Skin Texture

Regular use of hemp seed oil may help improve the texture and appearance of skin to make it look smoother.

Removes Makeup

Hemp seed oil can be used as a natural makeup remover that effectively breaks down makeup and impurities without stripping skin of its natural oils.