Sorbitan stearate is a synthetic compound commonly used in skincare products including creams, lotions, serums and sunscreens, to blend oil and water-based ingredients for product stability and a more uniform texture. It can also be found in makeup removers and cleansers, where it helps to remove makeup and cleanse skin.


Sorbitan Stearate


Sorbitan stearate is a synthetic compound created through a chemical reaction between sorbitol, which can be derived from corn starch or other plant sources and stearic acid, a saturated fatty acid generally sourced from animal or vegetable fats. It's not naturally occurring in its isolated form.


Sorbitan stearate is generally well-tolerated on most skin.


Prevents Product Separation

Sorbitan stearate blends oil and water-based ingredients to prevent separation for a consistent application.

Improves Product Texture

Sorbitan stearate helps create products that feel smooth and non-greasy to improve the overall application experience.

Improves Product Stability

Sorbitan stearate prevents separation that could affect product effectiveness and safety over time.

Improves Product Performance

Sorbitan stearate allows for even distribution of active ingredients so they can work to deliver the desired results.

Improved Cleansing

In cleansers and makeup removers, sorbitan stearate can help dissolve and remove makeup, dirt and impurities to keep skin clean and refreshed.