Phthalates are synthetic chemicals commonly used in cosmetics to improve fragrance stability and product performance. But, concerns about their potential health effects, particularly their hormone-disrupting properties, have led to increased restrictions in many countries. As a result, many cosmetic manufacturers have shifted toward using phthalate-free alternatives to address consumer concerns about product safety.


Phthalates are not single ingredients but a family of related compounds with various chemical structures, so there isn't a single INCI code for all phthalates.


Phthalates are synthetic chemicals created through various chemical reactions or the esterification of phthalic acid with alcohol precursors.


Phthalates are generally well-tolerated by skin when used within recommended concentrations. But, concerns about their potential health effects have led to restrictions and a shift towards phthalate-free formulas to address consumer preferences for safer ingredients.


Phthalates themselves do not offer direct skincare benefits to skin.