Citric acid is a natural organic acid found in citrus fruits including lemons, oranges and limes. Citric Acid is used in skincare products primarily for its ability to exfoliate and adjust the pH levels of formulas. It can be found in various products like cleansers, toners and serums, where it helps to remove dead skin cells, improve skin texture and the overall efficacy of the product.


Citric Acid


Citric acid is naturally found in citrus fruits and is derived from the juice of these fruits, primarily lemons and limes.


Citric acid is generally well-tolerated on most skin when used at appropriate concentrations, but it can cause irritation when used in high concentrations or by those with highly sensitive or damaged skin.


Exfoliates Skin

Citric acid loosens and removes dead skin cells to promote a smoother, brighter complexion.

Adjusts pH

Citric acid can be used to adjust the pH levels of skincare formulas to ensure that products are at the optimal pH for skin, which can improve their effectiveness.

Protects against Environmental Damage

It has antioxidant properties that help protect skin from free radical damage that can lead to premature aging.

Brightens Skin

Citric acid removes dead skin cells and promotes cell turnover for a more even skin tone and reduced hyperpigmentation.

Controls Acne

It can be used in acne-fighting formulas to help unclog pores, reduce excess oil production and prevent breakouts.

Preserves Product

Citric acid can act as a natural preservative and extend the shelf life of skincare products.

Improves Product Penetration

Citric acid can help improve the penetration of other active ingredients which allows them to work more effectively.