Stabilizers are the unsung heroes in skincare formulations, ensuring that the ingredients in your favorite products remain well-blended and effective throughout their shelf life. These essential components contribute to product integrity, preventing issues like separation or deterioration. Here are five examples of skincare stabilizers and their roles in maintaining the quality and stability of your skincare items.

Xanthan Gum

As a thickening and stabilizing agent, xanthan gum helps maintain the desired texture and consistency of skincare products while improving their overall feel on the skin.


Known for its excellent thickening properties, carbomer enhances the stability and viscosity of skincare formulations, ensuring that they remain homogeneous.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Beyond its antioxidant benefits, vitamin E also serves as a stabilizer in skincare products, helping to prevent the oxidation and degradation of sensitive ingredients.

Sodium Citrate

Acting as a pH regulator and buffer, sodium citrate helps maintain the optimal pH of skincare products, ensuring their compatibility with the skin.

Chelating Agents (EDTA)

Chelating agents like EDTA help bind and neutralize metal ions that can promote product instability, enhancing the shelf life and performance of skincare formulations.

Stabilizers may not always take the spotlight in skincare discussions, but they are vital for maintaining the quality and effectiveness of your favorite products. By preventing issues like separation, degradation, and pH fluctuations, these ingredients ensure that your skincare routine remains reliable and enjoyable.